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Beautifully crafted websites (that won't break the bank!)

Hi, my name is Lewis and I design stunning professional websites. Get in touch to see how I can help your business.

wix website designers

A fresh approach to web design

It's official folks. Professional website design does not have to cost the earth!

It's my mission to provide clients with fresh and innovative website designs that will compliment their business and help catapult their online presence. I simply love what I do and strive to bring that passion to each and every website I design!

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Who are we

My Story

I have always had a creative streak. After years of working the markets in Camden and then going on to sell my own brand of womenswear I managed to find my niche. Web design! A combination of creativity, design and e-commerce. For me, every site I design is like creating a piece of art and design.

My Vision

Is to provide awesome wix websites to clients that are searching for a cost effective way of getting a website that will showcase their business. Built with care, precision and expertise I'll ensure a quality wix site that reflects your brand and personality.


I use the best drag 'n drop platform on the market to give you a fully responsive site that is SEO friendly and fully mobile optimized. This actual site was built using the wix platform.


wix monkey wix designer wix professionals

STEP 1 - FREE Consultation. Okay so I like to keep things real simple. We start with a FREE consultation where I will ask you to fill out a basic questionnaire mapping out what you want from your new website. There will be lots of questions about what you do, who your target market is and what image you want your new site to portray about you or your company.


STEP 2 - Site Prototype. I will study the brief and then create a prototype Homepage. No content will be required. This will allow you to see the layout, color scheme, headings and icons etc.

STEP 3 - Design Phase. We move into the design phase. I integrate the prototype into the wix platform and build a fully functioning wix site. My focus is to fully utilize all the wix features whilst making the site user-friendly and easy to navigate (with awesome design of course!).

STEP 4 - Test & Review. Test and Review. I carry out a full site review and analysis ensuring that the site functions and navigates fluidly. I make as many revisions to your site as necessary until you are 100% happy and satisfied with your brand new website.

STEP 5 - Site Launch. Upon approval I connect your domain and launch the site. You are now live and ready for action! I will be on hand to assist with any tweaks and fixes should they be necessary.

It's as easy as that! So why not drop me a line to find out how I can help you launch your brand new website.

wix monkey will help you launch your online project wit their team of awesome wix experts
How it works

"Why choose me?"

Want to know what sets me apart from other web designers? Here's 5 good reasons why I am the best web designer for your next project.

Professional Web Design

Expertly crafted fully responsive wix websites. Designed with passion by a creative individual.

Onsite SEO Optimization

I know SEO. I'm highly experienced in fully optimizing sites for onsite SEO.

Local Businesses

I specialize in creating awesome websites for local businesses.

Photoshop Service

In-house photoshop experts to provide photoshop services to meet your requirements.

Logo Design

Graphic designers that will provide simple, effective and memorable logos for your brand

Get in touch with wix monkey now!

Illustrated Mountains

Customer Feedback!

Want to know what my clients are saying about me? Here is a snapshot of recent emails received about our work.

"Hey Lewis,


let me first tell you this: I am delighted by the way you work, communicate and interact with me as a customer. You are quick, polite, detailed and clear. You inform, respond and explain. I am really happy, especially after the trouble we had finding someone to help us, that we decided to work with you. Thank you so much."


-Roots Haarlem

"Hi Lewis, 


I just wanted to say thank you so much for building a website I love! 

I really do love it, thank you."


-Ambient Healing

"Thank you for a really smooth and professional process. You have done a great job and site is perfect. We never imagined we'd be sitting in the top spot of Google..!!! We are so stoked. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!"


-Bendigo Driving Lessons

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