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Wix Login

This is where the journey begins - with the Wix Login page!

If you don't have an account yet, you can click on the 'Sign Up' link highlighted in blue and open one very easily. Assuming you have done so already you can either login with your email and passord (which you input on the left) or you can choose to login using your gmail account, your facebook account or your apple account (on the right).


Once you have logged in you will be greeted with you dashboard page as shown below.

As you can see, this page provides the springboard for all your wix work. The top left menu shows:

'My sites' - this is where all your sites that you have designed can be found.

'Partner Dashboard' - only for those of you that wish to become a Wix Partner

'Explore' - includes pages such as 'Inspiring Websites', 'Updates & Releases' and 'eCommerce School'

'Help' - This is where you get help for any kind of wix query

Then we have the content -

'Create a New Folder' - this button is a nice feature that allows you to create folders to store your work in. If you are just starting out you probably will not use it. But when you start getting lots of sites and need some organization this is very useful!

'Create New Site' - this is the button that launches the wix application and allows you to start designing your awesome wix website!


Last but by all means not least you have the dropdown menu in the top right corner which houses your account settings.

This is extremely important. If you need to access/edit the essentials to your wix site this is where you go to. Anything to do with your website domain, subscription, mailbox and billing can be found right here.

And that sums up your Wix login page! So what are you waiting for...

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