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Wix Student Discount!

Yes that's right! Wix do offer an amazing 50% student discount.

Wix has cleverly partnered up with schools and uni's to offer all of those involved with such institutions the opportunity to get themselves online. You can actually arrange to bring a wix team to your institution to demonstrate the awesome potential and capabilities of the wix platform via onsite practical workshops.

So why would a student want to use an online platform such as wix? Well, the two main reasons that spring to mind are the platforms ability to provide customizable templates for both online CV's and online Portfolios.

Online Portfolio

I imagine that an online Portfolio would be extremely useful for any art, graphic or photography student. As well as looking highly professional it will be extremely convenient to have your portfolio available at the click of a button. Add to this the potential for worldwide exposure and suddenly the wix online portfolio becomes a powerful tool.

Online CV

The same goes for an online CV being useful for just about any student that wants to stand out from the crowd. For too long now CV's have been created in the same dull and boring format of black ink on white A4 paper with little to no creativity or imagination. Now imagine you are able to submit an online CV full of color, creativity, imagery and movement... you get the picture!

These are just a few examples of the stunning CV & Portfolio templates that wix has to offer:

So how do you go about accessing this student discount on offer from wix?

Click on the following link:

And scroll down the page where you will find this section:

Follow the instructions of registering and verifying your student status with and you will be eligible for your 50% student discount!

So what are you waiting for!? let's get wixxing!

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