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I can offer a range of services to help you get your stunning website up and running in the best possible way at a fraction of the cost.

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Wix Web Design

Well if you are reading this you probably already get the picture. I love designing websites! And I love using the wix platform. The wix platform is an extremely user friendly drag and drop site that allows you to create your very own professional looking site. I offer my  services to ensure that  your site is stunning, professional, mobile optimized, SEO optimized and fully functioning. And all of this at a fraction of the cost if you employ the services of a web agency that builds and codes sites from scratch! Your stunning wix site is just a click away. Contact me for more info.

Onsite SEO Optimization

So what actually is onsite SEO? It is simply things that you can do within your website that will help it rank better in search results in sites such as Google. Better ranking means better visibility and ultimately better business. Actions that you can perform include the use of relevant keywords, the correct use of headings and tags, links to social media accounts and much more. This is where I come in. I will ensure that the site I produce is fully optimized  for onsite SEO.

Logo Design

So many people overlook the value of great logo. You may offer the best service in the world but without a decent logo you risk the chance of becoming a distant memory to potential customers. Take a look at my company logo designed by our  in-house design team. I like to think that it is simple yet striking, fun, modern and memorable. It reflects my approach to web design, conveys that message to potential clients and importantly is very memorable. Contact me if you would like to know more about getting a new and exciting logo.

Photoshop Services

On any website, quality images are paramount to a company's success. Your images must be clear, striking, engaging and in context. You may have really high quality content but if your website is all text with little or no images then you may struggle to engage with potential customers. With my photoshop services I can provide many types of image editing such as clipping path services, vectorizing images, retouching, cleanup and much much more. Get in touch for more info!

Wix Re-design

My wix re-design service offers exisiting wix customers the opportunity to have me revamp their site. There are many reasons to consider this service. Your site may be dated in appearance or functions poorly. It may not be fully mobile optimized or onsite SEO optimized. It may not have any kind of colour scheme or branding in place. It might lack 'call to action' buttons or not have the right kind of data capture forms set up. These are all of the types of things I will look at and consider when performing a wix re-design. Contact me for further info.

Maintenance Service

Maintaining your website can be both daunting and time consuming (especially if you are not familiar with your way around the wix platform). For a monthly fee you can employ my services to carry out your site maintenance (for tasks such as updating content, posting on your blog, making site adjustments etc.). The benefits of this service are that you have me on hand to get things done quickly freeing up your time to concentrate on running your business. Contact me for more info and pricing.

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